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Artist profile: Eugene R. Hendricks

Eugene R. Hendricks, Gene to his friends, is a native of New Jersey but now lives in Florida. He has been a podcaster since 2014 and voice acting since 2020. That is not to say that he doesn't have previous entertainment experience. Discounting his 6th grade turn as Frankenstein in "

Monsters! The Beast Things in Life", Gene was one of the group behind the Star Trek fan series "Tales of the Seventh Fleet", where he acted, wrote, directed, and edited.

Having shifted to voice work, Gene has worked on adaptations of comic book properties. Most notably he is the writer and director for the ongoing dramatization of Ron Randall's Trekker. Gene has had the benefit of working with some incredibly talented people, who usually make his abilities seem better than they really are.

Gene is a husband to a loving (and tolerant) wife, father of a (very silly) daughter, and owner of the latest in a line of (rather strange) German Shepherd Dogs. All of them serve to keep his life interesting on a daily basis.

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